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Responsible & Reliable


My name is Carrie. I am the owner and founder of Carrie's Critter Care. I have many years of experience with animals. Growing up, we had a lot of animals. We had 5 horses, 5 cats, chickens and several different dog. My family and I now have 3 dogs, all min pins. Shadow, Java and Leia. Shadow and Leia were both adopted. Shadow was recued from Texas and Leia needed a new home and we instantly fell in love with her.   Java, we brought home at 8 weeks. We also have a cat, named Butterscotch, a bunny named cream, a turtle named Shelly, and ducks.   I am a certified professional pet sitter. I have been pet sitting for over 12 years and I also worked at Pet-Agree in Candia for many years. I started working in the daycare area, and worked my way up to the training department. I taught basic Obedience classes for many years as well.  I am a huge animal lover and I truly enjoy getting to know and care for other peoples cats and small animals. I have recently started a full time job at Deerfield Veterinarian Clinic, so I am only offering morning Cat care and small animal care, such as Chickens, Rabbits, Fish, etc.










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